21 Jokes

  • How many Honor Guards does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: 22 one to screw it in 21 to shoot the bulb.

  • What car did the Apostles drive?

    Hint:Acts 2:1 KJV)

  • Why 21 didn't invite his brother for dinner?


  • What should we call ourselves?

    How about 22 pilots "Idk. Seems like an awful lot of pilots" 21 pilots "Omg"

  • What's your age ?

    Me: I'm 20 Them: Oh, when i was your age i was 21

  • What do they do when the Queen has a baby?

    Fire a 21 gun salute. What do they do when a nun has a baby Fire the dirty old Canon.

  • How do you confuse an AP student?

    Make the first 21 questions all be the answer C.

  • What kind of shampoo do people with Down Syndrome use?

    Tresemme 21

  • What do you call somebody who suffers from both depression and trisomy 21?

    Down's in the dumps

  • How many /r/jokes reditorz does it take to change a light bulb?

    21, the first 20 will just repost an old one.

  • What do you call a fellow who is over 21 and makes bad puns?

    A groan man.

  • Where does Fred Weasley shop?

    Forever 21.

  • Where do fashionable kids with cancer like to shop for clothes?

    Never 21

  • What's the best thing about 21 year olds in bed?

    There's 21 of them

  • Why did 20 blondes stand outside the bar?

    Because you need to be 21 to get in.

  • How are your step mother and a 17 in the card game 21 similar?

    You know you can't but you really want to hit it.