5 Minute Jokes

  • How do you know if a redditor gave money to Bernie Sanders?

    Just wait 5 minutes. They'll post about it.

  • What do you do in 5 minutes that you then suffer for for 9 months?

    A school application.

  • Who's there ! Arbus ! Arbus who ?

    Arbus leaves in 5 minutes

  • Why don't girls like playing dodgeball?

    Because we don't like getting hit by balls. 12: *giggles for 5 minutes* You are so my child

  • What's the difference between a school of children and a terrorist camp?

    I don't know, I just fly the drone Edit/apology: My friend said this to me, I thought I should share with you all, he said that I could post it here. 5 minutes later he told me he found it on reddit.... I'm sorry all.

  • How do you make a Chihauhau cross?

    Leave it alone with a horny Beagle for 5 minutes.

  • How long does it take a tweaker to go shopping?

    An hour 5 minutes for the Ramen noodles and foil. 55 minutes to fix the squeaky shopping cart wheel.

  • What's the difference between a woman and a bowl of ramen noodles?

    A bowl of ramen noodles is actually ready in 5 minutes.

  • How do I know?

    They have already told everybody about 6 times in 5 minutes

  • Why are you all so excited it's Friday?

    Monday will be here in 5 minutes.

  • What is headache ?

    5 minutes talk to wife.

  • What's the difference between a corpse and a Chinese baby girl?

    5 minutes