60 Jokes

  • What shape is produced when you knock over a 60s actress?

    a Tippihedron

  • What has eight arms and an IQ of 60?

    Four guys watching a football game.

  • What do you call an unfriendly American from the 60's?

    An anti-socialist

  • What has 5 teeth and 60 eyes?

    A bus full of old people

  • What has 60 legs and 8 teeth?

    The front row of a Country concert

  • How you're feeling now?

    Patient: I'm feeling lonely with chill girl and 60 other persons

  • What happens when a pirate turns 60?

    He joins AARP

  • What did they start calling Kim Jong Un after he shed 60 kgs in weight?

    Kim Jong Un what you thought it was Slim Jong Un? Sorry but you are not allowed to make puns on your supreme leader's name in North Korea