8 Jokes

  • What has 8 legs and 7 arms?

    Def Leppard

  • What do you call 8 rabbits?

    a rabbyte

  • How long does 8 sleep for?


  • Why does 7 and 8 feel very uncomfortable?

    Because they're stuck between a 69.

  • How does Microsoft count to 10?

    1, 2, 3, 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10.

  • How much is half of 8 Pupil: Up and down or across ?

    Teacher: What do you mean Pupil: Wellup and down makes a 3 or across the middle leaves a 0

  • Which character do you most identify with?

    Ross 8. Which is your least favorite character Ross

  • What's it called when a planet orbits its sun 8 times?

    An orbyte

  • Why did the pop star die of hypothermia?

    Because he had too many fans! (thanks George - aged 8)

  • What music is good to listen to while having a snack?

    8 a bit music.

  • Why is 8 scared of 7?

    Becaauuuussseee 7 8(ate) 9. You get it huh?

  • Why are firetrucks red?

    You see, firetrucks have 4 wheels, can carry 8 men and 4+ 8 = 12. There are 12 inches in a ruler and Queen Elizabeth was a ruler. There was once a ship named Elizabeth that sailed the seas. Fish live in the seas and fish have fins. People from Finland are called Fins. Finland and Russia had a war a long time ago. Russia has red on its flag and that's why they're red. Cause they're always russian around.

  • Why did 6 and 8 dislike 7?

    They thought 7 was pretty odd.

  • What's the difference between a pizza and a baby?

    A pizza doesn't scream when you break it in 8.

  • What, over in 6 seconds?

    No, with 8 black men and a gun."

  • What's the difference between an 8-ball and a baby?

    Eric Clapton would never let an 8-ball fall out the window!

  • Why aren't jokes in base 8 funny?

    Because 7, 10, 11.

  • What kind of money does Mario use?


  • What 8 letter phrase means a healthy scratch?

    Tim Tebow

  • What's worse than watching your brother do a double barrel roll over 15 cars on a motorbike?

    Having to watch him do a half barrel roll over 8 of them. R.I.P. Bobby. Never forget.

  • What 8-letter word has one letter in it?


  • What has got 8 legs and 1 eye?

    2 chairs and a half of a fish.

  • Why isn't there a Windows 9?

    Hey Microsoft, why is there no Windows 9? You've given us 7 and 8, and now you're skipping straight to 10?" "Well, to be completely honest, 7 8 9."

  • Why does 8 hate 7?

    Because 7 8 9

  • What is the square root of 69?

    Ate Something! ("8 something", actually 8.306)

  • How many fingers does the dragonborn have?

    8 fingers and 2 Thu"ums... Unless the dragonborn only has a Haafingar

  • What do you call a group of 8 rabbits?

    A) Rabbyte!

  • How long can 7 ride 8?

    Til infinity.

  • Why was 7 afraid of 8?

    Because 8 nined 10.

  • Why do women prefer 77 more than 69?

    Because they get 8 (ate) more. Repurposed from a comment.

  • What has 132 legs and 8 teeth?

    A: The front row of a Garth Brooks concert!

  • What did the 0 say to the 8?

    Nice belt.

  • What is Australian cuisine called?

    Prison food

  • Why did the orange go to the doctor?

    Because she wasn't peeling very well... All credit to my 8 yo son who suggested I post it here

  • Why don't jokes in base 8 work?

    Because 7 10 11

  • What did the 0 say to the 8?

    Nice belt."

  • What do you get when you have an ant with 8 legs?

    An uncle that has to build a bigger shoe closet...

  • Whats the difference between a hippy chick and a washing machine?

    When you drop a load in, it doesn't follow you around for 6 months trying to get spun. 8)

  • What did the hotel clerk tell the guest with paruresis during check in?

    Your in 8.

  • Why is Microsoft going straight to Windows 10?

    Because 7.. 8.. 9

  • What do you call a family of 8 rabbits?

    One rabbyte

  • Why are manhole covers circular?

    Because Rouleaux triangles are too hard to manufacture. What do you call 8 hobbits? A hobbyte.

  • What does my girlfriend and Windows 8 have in common?

    they are both 8........

  • What were the favorite Linux text editors of 8 randomly selected Monty Python fans?

    vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, vim, emacs, and vim.

  • What's the difference between a white baby and a black baby ?

    20 minutes, thermostat 8.

  • What does a South Carolina cop do when a panda runs away from him?

    Shoots him 8 times in the black.

  • Why are jokes in base 8 not funny?

    Because 7,10,11!

  • What is green, has 8 wheels, and flies?

    A garbage truck

  • Why do black cats never shave ?

    Because 8 out of 10 cats prefer whiskas !

  • Why did 8 break up with 7?

    Because 7 always came first!!!

  • Why are women such bad drivers?

    Because they are constantly lied to about what 8" is.

  • How many dead babies does it take to change a light bulb?

    Apparently not 8

  • What denomination are the coins in Super Mario Bros?

    They're dollar coins, because a quarter is two bits, which means a dollar is 8 bits.

  • What did 0 say to 8?

    Why's your belt so tight bruh

  • Why did Microsoft skip straight to 10?

    Because Windows 7, 8, 9. I'll see myself out.

  • What are 8 Nougat-Bits?

    One Nougat-Byte

  • Why is it customary to drink 8 mojitos a day in Cuba?

    It's the Hemming way.

  • How does a psychic cokehead tell the future?

    With a magic 8-ball

  • What are 8 Hobbits?

    One hobbyte.

  • What do you get if you group 8 sodium atoms together?


  • What walks on 8 legs until it's one years old, 4 legs until it's twenty years old and then 2 legs for the remainder of it's life?

    Fred and George Weasley.

  • What happens when you flip an 8 to it's side?

    Everything, given enough time

  • What do programmers and obese people have in common?

    They both call an 8-course meal a bite.

  • What has 60 legs and 8 teeth?

    The front row of a Country concert

  • Why was 8 afraid of 7?

    Because 7 was a registered 6 offender

  • What has 8 arms, is ominous looking and ink is its weapon of choice?

    An octopus " "No Jeff, the answer is my wife's 4 divorce attorneys"

  • What country has 6 faces, and 8 points?


  • What 8 letter word is read the same way backwards and forwards?


  • What do you call a group of 8 hobbits?

    a hobbyte Cortana told me that joke

  • What's Karen Carpenter's Phone Number?

    8 nothing, 8 nothing, 8 nothing.....

  • Why could 8 see that 6 was afraid of 7?

    Because 7 was mean. Get it?

  • Why is 7 afraid of 8?

    It's not, numbers don't have emotions.

  • Where do black person go to travel cross-country?

    The Newport (My first joke, sorry if bad 8)

  • Why do women make bad engineers?

    Their whole lives they have been told 5 inches is 8

  • What is Santa's favorite music?

    Wrap! (I came up with this when i was 8.)

  • What do you call a pack of 8 Timbits?

    A Timbyte

  • What do 8 hobbits make?

    A hobbyte.