80 Jokes

  • Why does the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout hate '80s music?

    Because of the synths.

  • What has eight arms and an IQ of 80?

    Four girlfriends drinking on St Patricks Day!

  • What do you call an 80s band comrpising of only fruit?

    Durian durian! im sorry

  • What do you call a spider that likes 80s music?

    A Durantula.

  • Why do the French get high so fast?

    Because they'll reach 420 before anyone else. Explanation: 80 is quatre-vingt in french and quatre=4 and vingt= 20.

  • What goes faster from 100 to 0, an asteroid hitting the Earth or this thread's upvote %?

    Berni Sanders seems to have been like a bad gift: it's the thought that counts. 80% voted against him in SC, he will be destroyed tomorrow, and estimates show he won't even get half of the delegates Hillary will. Furthermore, even if he were to magically win, the House, Senate and Supreme Court would block his most drastic ideas, making it them simply "food for thought" but not actual thoughts for implementation. Thank you very much.

  • What did the audio visual cable say when it got 80% on its final?


  • Why were some people living in the 80s so healthy?

    Because they had good high jeans

  • What do Abraham Lincoln and an '80s sitcom have in common?

    Both were shot before a live audience.

  • What do you call an 80lb midget with 40lb testicles?

    SFW) Half nuts!

  • What did pirate say when he turned 80?


  • What does a Pirate say when he turns 80?

    Ayyyeeeee mmmaattteeeyyy.

  • What did the Frenchman say after 80?

    Blaze it.

  • What did the 80 grit sandpaper say to the 36 grit sandpaper?

    You're a little rougher than I'm used to, but I'll grit and bear it. I'm sorry, that joke was a little rough ;D

  • What do you call your favorite 80's pop star floating dead in the harbor?

    David Buoy

  • What does a 80 yr old woman taste like?


  • What did the French stoner say?

    80 blaze it

  • What do the french call 4/20?


  • What is the favorite number of french potheads?