Acid Jokes

  • What happened to the hippy chemistry teacher when he spilled his chemicals?

    He tripped on acid

  • What happens when you take acid with a birth control pill?

    A trip without the kids

  • Why can't acids argue well?

    All their statements are baseless.

  • What does a chemist say when he's pouring water into an acid?

    Drop the base.

  • Why did the acid perform poorly?

    Because it didn't concentrate.

  • Who's there ! Acid ! Acid who ?

    Acidently on purpose !

  • What do you study to learn about acid?

    A pHD

  • Why was the chemist not able to get very far in his study of acids?

    He was only willing to consider the most basic of solutions.

  • Why do people on acid listen to Dubstep?

    Because if they didn't drop the base it would be a neutral reaction and they wouldn't feel the psychedelic effects.

  • What do you say to a burn victim if you pour acid on them?

    Woops, tee hee.

  • Whats another term for acid?

    Its on the tip of my tongue...

  • What career choice to hippies usually pick?

    Chemistry, because there is lots of acid involved.

  • What do you call three brothers taking acid together?


  • What do you get when you cross a hit of acid with a birth control pill?

    A trip without the kids.

  • Why do people take acid at raves?

    Because there's so much base.

  • Why don't you see many chemists with master's degrees working with acids and bases?

    To really understand acids and bases, you need a pHd.

  • What does a chemistry lesson and a night club have in common?

    Someone drops the acid and someone drops the base.