Adopt Jokes

  • Where's Frank?

    Got adopted 3 weeks ago. Gone soft too. Healthcare plan. Hypoallergenic blanket. Goes by Mr. Boots now."

  • Why did the cultists adopt a dead child?

    They wanted to raise the dead.

  • What did the guy in China say to the Chinese couple who finally got approved to adopt?


  • What do you call an adopted ghost?


  • Why couldn't Moses adopt a kitten from the animal shelter?

    Because the shelter was non prophet.

  • Whats the difference between you and an orphan?

    You were adopted. Best told to siblings :D

  • What is the extreme limit of laziness?

    Son "Having an adopted son."

  • What is the same with you, a pet cat, and a pet dog?

    All of them are adopted

  • What if the Bad News Bears literally gave you bad news?

    Bear 1: You're adopted Bear 2: The cancer is terminal Bear 3: This tweet ain't funny

  • How many French words has the Turkish language recently adopted?


  • Why did the cowboy adopt a Weiner dog?

    He wanted to get a long little doggy

  • What did the Pilipino orphan boy say to the linguist who wanted to adopt him?

    I'll tagalog!

  • Why didn't your back break, mom?

    You're adopted."

  • Why did the cowboy adopt a wiener dog?

    He wanted to get a long little doggy