Afternoon Jokes

  • Why did the black man go to the golf-club on Sunday afternoon?

    Because he had a membership.

  • What has four limbs in the morning, two limbs in the afternoon, and is dead by evening?

    A disobedient slave.

  • Why were you late?

    Pupil: Sorry teacher I overslept. Teacher: It's three in the afternoon!

  • How did Jesus get across Jerusalem on a busy Friday afternoon?

    Cross traffic doesn't stop.

  • Why doesn't a sociologist look out the window in the morning?

    Because then they'd have nothing to do in the afternoon.

  • Why don't Deputy Fire Marshals look out the window in the morning?

    A: So they have something to do in the afternoon.

  • What do you get when you spend all afternoon replying to your anonymous feedback on Corpell Anonymous Box?

    Corpell tunnel syndrome

  • Why is it dangerous to go into the jungle between two and four in the afternoon?

    That's when dinosaurs are jumping out of palm trees.

  • What do chicken families do on Saturday afternoon?

    They go on peck-nics !

  • What's white in the morning, white in the afternoon and white in the evening?

    An Irishman trying to get a tan.

  • Why did the astronomer hit himself on the head in the afternoon?

    He wanted to see stars during the day.

  • Why do heroine addicts rarely have meetings late in the afternoon?

    Because it's dangerous to shoot for 3 or even 4.