Alarm Jokes

  • How do alien hunters keep from oversleeping?

    They SETI their alarm-y

  • Why did the spud lover set his alarm for 8:00?

    Because he wanted to get a-po-ta-to clock. to make joke more apparent

  • What's the difference between an expensive purchase and a loud noise that scares a chicken?

    One costs an arm and a leg. The other caused alarm and an egg.

  • What did the spud lover do before it went to bed?

    A: It set its alarm for eight -- so it would get a potato clock.

  • How much does Nicki Minaj sell security devices for?

    Pound an alarm

  • Why does John Cena set his alarm at 1:59?

    So he can kick out at 2.

  • Why did the alarm go off at the mansion?

    Because the owner entered the correct code.

  • How do you feel when your phone suddenly starts blaring your least favorite tune?


  • How do you know you're getting old?

    When you exit a museum, you trigger the alarm.