Allah Jokes

  • How do you say "Jesus take the wheel" in Arabic?

    Allah take the flight controls

  • Why couldn't the Dukes of Hazard visit Mecca?

    Because that's just a little bit more than Allah will allow.

  • What did the black Jesus say to the black Black Buddah?

    Allah back!

  • How many Jihadists does it take to change a light bulb?

    Allah them. (I googled several varations and thus far I believe I am the originator)

  • What Did The Muslim Terminator Say?

    Allah Be Back.

  • What should planes be made of to fend off islamists?

    Allahminium! Since Muslims cant desecrate anything with Allah on it!

  • Why don't Muslims fill out online forms?

    Because they refuse to Submit to anyone but Allah.

  • Why are Muslim countries are banning PokemonGo?

    Because Allah likes digimon

  • What do you call the 72 virgins that Allah gave isis?