Alot Jokes

  • Why do some people cough alot?

    Because they drink to much coughee.

  • What did the plant say to the other plant that it really liked alot?

    let me be your *soil*mate

  • Why do christians avoid trigonometry ?

    because there is alot of sin going on.

  • What did the Cryptologist have for breakfast?

    Hash with alot of Salt

  • How do you get alot of people to check out your post?

    Tag it NSFW and repost it.

  • When using the equation Y=1-T to understand how citizens react to changes in taxation...what happens when T>1?

    Alot of T gets dumped in a harbor

  • What did gangster Pooh said to gangster Tigger?

    Tigga please!" Sorry, I heard it years ago. I don't remember where or when but I've just been saying alot lately. :p