Asia Jokes

  • What's the heaviest soup in Asia?

    Wonton soup!

  • What's the difference between Walmart and India?

    Well, one is filled with cows. And the other is in Asia.

  • What bands did they hire to play at the Developmental Disability Conference?

    System of a Downs My Chemical Imbalance. Youth In Asia

  • Who's there ! Asia ! Asia who ?

    Asia mum in

  • What do they call Snoop Dogg in Asia?

    Snoop Dinner

  • What is Asia's favourite sitcom?

    Everybody loves Ramen.

  • What did one cracker say to the other?

    Let's conquer the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Asia."

  • Whats the most dyslectic part of Asia?


  • What piece of clothing is made overseas in an Asia country?


  • Why doesn't Asia wear makeup?

    Because it clogs its SINGAPORES!

  • What does a bee from Asia do?

    Nepallinates flowers.

  • What's the best way to ensure that Asia's senior citizens' pension programs are financially sound?

    Sufficient amount of youth in Asia.

  • How do you know if the camera you just bought was made in Asia?

    If the shutter makes a "crick" noise.

  • Where should we look to stem global overpopulation?

    The youth in Asia.....