Atom Jokes

  • What did the duck say after it split the atom ?

    Quark ! Quark !

  • What did the atom say to the other atom?

    Let's bond!

  • Why should you distrust atoms?

    Because they make up an awful lot of stuff. EDIT: Because I forgot about neutrinos.

  • What did the atom say when it lost an electron?

    I better keep an ion that.

  • What's a bear's favorite fruit?

    Tom ( ). Explanation: Bears are made up of atoms. Plug:

  • Why was the atom laughing?

    Because part tickles.

  • Why are atoms untrustworthy?

    They make up everything. Credit to from an askreddit thread about what not to trust.

  • Why did the atom stick around?

    Cuz if he split, the situation would have gotten blown out of proportion.

  • Why are atoms so serious?

    Because they're no laughing matter.

  • What is the difference between a physicist and a biologist?

    A physicist is atoms studying themselves, while a biologist is cells that study themselves.

  • Why did the atoms cross the road?

    It was time to split.

  • Where does an atom go when it breaks down?

    A quantum mechanic. lel

  • Why isn't energy made of atoms?

    It doesn't matter (go ahead and down vote :P)

  • What did the nucleus say to get the electron up?

    Up and atom!

  • Why should you never date an atom?

    The split is gonna be explosive

  • What did one atom say to the other?

    I lost an electron..." The other atom asks "Are you sure " First atom replies, "I'm positive!"

  • What is the similarities between Bernie Madoff and Atoms?

    They both make up everything!

  • How does an atom with bad grammar respond to an order?

    I on it.

  • Why cant you trust an atom?

    Because they make up literally everything

  • What kind of fish is made of just two atoms?

    2 Na