Beast Jokes

  • How did Gertie Gorilla win the beauty contest?

    She was the beast of the show!

  • What kind of beast is it you hear?

    A duck. ... with hiccups.

  • What excuse does an Ape give for abducting a pretty girl?

    I can't help it - she brings out the beast in me!

  • What do werewolves put at the bottom of their e-mails?

    Beast wishes.

  • What is 667?

    The neighbor of the beast.

  • What do you call a beast made entirely from egg whites?

    A Meringue-u-tang!!! Note: I know it's spelled Orangutan. :P

  • What does the number 668 represent?

    The of the Beast.

  • What's 668?

    The Neighbor of the Beast.