Black Jokes

  • What do blacks and bicycles have in common?

    Take off the chain and both stop working. Going straight to hell :)

  • What is worse than blacking out after a crazy night and losing money?

    Blacking out and gaining money.

  • Why do blacks make good athletes?

    They spent the first nine months of their lives dodging hangers.

  • Why do pill bottles have cotton in them?

    To remind blacks in America that they were cotton pickers before they were drug dealers.

  • How can you tell retarded kids form the art students?

    Retards don't wear Black.

  • What does basketball have?

    l l l l l The Blacks.

  • Why don't blacks celebrate thanksgiving?

    It's hard to be thankful when KFC is closed

  • What's the worst thing about Mexican and Black jokes?

    Once you've heard Juan, you've heard Jamal.

  • Why do all blacks have acne?

    Because they all have black heads.

  • Why are blacks so tall?

    It's because their knee grows.

  • Why did the Ferguson protesters not participate in Black Friday?

    Because they have already looted everything they would have bought anyway.

  • Why wasnt there any blacks in the flintstones?

    Because they were still monkeys.

  • What do you call a farm full of blacks?

    Antique farm equipment.

  • What do you call a fight between two blacks?

    Gorilla Warfare.

  • Whats the worst part about a black out in Detroit?

    All the pairs of floating eyes

  • What do blacks and apples have in common?

    If they're not being sold on a farm they're hanging from a tree. Da ho, no I didnt.

  • What do you get when you cross a black and a mexican?

    Someone who's too lazy to steal.

  • Why do blacks keep on getting stronger?

    TVs are getting heavier.

  • Why don't black people like tylenol?

    Because its white and it works.

  • What's a racist photographer's favorite hobby?

    Crushing the blacks.

  • Why did so many blacks die in Vietnam?

    Every time someone said "Get down!" they jumped up and started dancing.

  • Who lands first?

    The Italian. The black is tied to the tree.

  • Why do black's have white skin on the bottom of their feet and the palm of their hands?

    Everyone needs a little bit of good inside them.

  • What do you call one black on the moon?

    Problem. What do you call ten blacks on the moon Problems. What do you call the entire black population on the moon Problem solved.

  • What's Black & Rhymes with Snoop?

    Dr. Dre

  • Why do blacks smell?

    So blind people can hate them too.

  • Why are blacks excited for 2016?

    Because it is the year of the monkey.

  • Why do all black people go to heaven?

    The Son is attracted to black

  • How many blacks does it take to change a light bulb?

    5/3. The same amount as for whites.

  • How is Rihanna's boyfriend and power tools the same?

    They're both Black and Decker.

  • How many black guys does it take to cook chicken?

    None. Blacks belong in the fields, woman belong in the kitchen.

  • What do you call a collection of Tyler Perry's movies?

    Fifty Shades of Black

  • Why don't black cops shoot unarmed white kids?

    Because they'd get in trouble.

  • Why do Nuns always wear Black &?

    White? No particular reason, it's just a habit they have.

  • What's black & white and can't turn around in an elevator?

    A nun with a javelin through her neck.

  • How many blacks does it take to screw in a light blulb?

    Three Fifths

  • Why don't blacks like Tylenol?

    They have to pick cotton to get to them.

  • What is Chris Brown's favorite cooking appliance?

    A Black and Decker

  • How many blacks does it take to start a riot?


  • Why can't a policeman win a game of pool?

    Because he always shoots the black one first.

  • How can you tell when the Mexicans have moved into your neighborhood?

    The Blacks get car insurance.

  • How many..." How many blacks do you need to start a riot?

    Minus one.

  • What does it mean when you see a bunch of blacks running in one direction?

    Jail break.

  • What do horror movies and printer ink have in common?

    The black one always dies first.

  • What do you if there is a black out?

    Make sure your doors are locked and windows bolted shut.

  • What's the most racist place in a house?

    The laundry room. It's the only place where the blacks have to be separated from the whites.

  • What does a South Carolina cop do when a panda runs away from him?

    Shoots him 8 times in the black.

  • What do a baby and a pancake have in common?

    If its black it aint good

  • Why are all blacks fast?

    A: The slow ones are in jail.

  • Why do blacks raise chickens?

    To teach their kids how to walk.

  • What do you call the yellow ones?

    Yellow labs. And the black ones -Black labs. So the brown ones are- -No we named those after dog poison.

  • What do blacks and bikes have in common?

    They both stop working when you take their chains off. Edit: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought this was America. By the way, got this from AskReddit.

  • What's black & grey and also looks good on a cop?

    The World Trade Center

  • Why are all Mexican jokes and Black jokes the same?

    Because once you've heard Juan, you've heard Jamal.

  • Why did all the Black people move to Detroit?

    Because they heard there were no jobs there.

  • What does Air bnb stand for?

    Bring no blacks

  • Why cant a Gorilla get a job?


  • How to you get rid of the dandelions on your lawn?

    Paint one of them black the others will move away.

  • What is black & white, black & white, black & white, black & white, black & white, black & blue?

    A nun falling down the stairs

  • Why didn't blacks in 1850 give high-fives?

    Because everyone always left them hanging!

  • What do you call a black with no arms?


  • What's the difference between blacks and cancer cells?

    Cancer cells can get Jobs.

  • Why dont blacks celibrate thanksgiving?

    KFC isnt open on holidays.

  • Why don't Blacks and Mexicans have babies?

    Their kids would be too lazy to steal.

  • How many blacks does it take to change a light bulb?

    5/3. The same amount as for whites.

  • What is the worst place to go on Black Friday?

    Awnser: Home Depot They have power tools lol