Bleach Jokes

  • How do depressed people lighten' up?

    They drink bleach.

  • What did the black guys say to the bleach?

    you basic

  • What's the difference between Naruto and Bleach?

    No one ever told me to drink Naruto

  • What's the difference between a suicidal ghost hunter and a weaboo alcohol taster?

    One drinks bleach and watches spirits the other drinks spirits and watches Bleach.

  • What is a suicidal Weebs favorite anime?


  • What fun drink can put your kid to sleep?


  • What do a 14 year old and an open bucket of bleach have in common?

    For twenty bucks either'll take care of your toddler. -&y (yup, mine)

  • What's Jacob Sartorius' Favourite Anime?