Bore Jokes

  • What did the dog say to the pig?

    You are such a bore."

  • Whenever I'm bored I stop a stranger and ask "where am I?

    and whatever they say I runaway screaming "Hahaha I'm a genius! I can teleport!"

  • What is a pirate's favorite drink?

    The HI-C! (punchline must be said in proper pirate voice) (this is what I do when bored at work not even ashamed)

  • What happened when porky pig fell asleep at his construction job?

    The foreman fired him, saying, 'We can't have bored boars boring boards.'

  • What do you get when you watch a lumberjack chop down a tree?

    bored. haha

  • How do bored cows sound like?


  • Why was the banker bored?

    Because he lost interest in everything.

  • What do bored frogs do on a Friday night?

    They go Bar Hopping!...