Brake Jokes

  • What do you think you're doing driving through that intersection fifty miles an hour?

    Driver: My brakes don't work so I was rushing home before I had an accident.

  • What did Kurtis Blow tell his son when teaching him how to drive?

    THESE are the brakes!

  • How did the lawyer chip his tooth?

    The ambulance slammed on its brakes.

  • How do make a car top?

    Tep on the brake 'tupid.

  • What is the difference between leaves and a car?

    One you brush and rake, the other you rush and brake.

  • How do you top a car?

    You tep on the brake, toopid.

  • How do you make a car top?

    You gotta 'tep on the brake 'tupid!

  • Why are Muslims so good at driving at night?

    Because that's when they brake fast.

  • What do you call a cab driver who lost his brakes?

    A screwdriver

  • What did the drifter say to the person he hit ?

    RIP my E-brake