Buzz Jokes

  • What buzzes is black and yellow and goes along the bottom of the sea ?

    A bee in a submarine !

  • What did the fly say to the second man on the moon?


  • What did Woody say to Buzz?

    A lot. There were 3 movies.

  • What did woody and buzz say to your mom?

    Strange to see your toys have the same name as us."

  • Where did Buzz feed learn to click bait so well from?


  • What happens when a fly drinks rum?

    It gets buzzed!

  • What did Little Bo Peep say to Woody when she got caught screwing Buzz?

    You got a friend in me.

  • What problems would you face if you were arrested for drunk driving?

    A: I'd probably lose my buzz a lot faster.

  • What do you call a fly buzzing inside a blonde's head?

    A Space Invader.

  • How does a Bee get to work?

    He catches a buzz.

  • How do bees go to school?

    They take the buzz

  • Why do bees buzz ?

    Because they can't whistle !

  • What is black and yellow and buzzes along at 30000 feet ?

    A bee is an aeroplane !