C Jokes

  • How do you confuse an AP student?

    Make the first 21 questions all be the answer C.

  • What programming languages would we use if C didn't exist?

    Ans: PASAL, OBOL and BASI

  • Why do pirates not know the alphabet?

    They always get stuck at "C".

  • What letter stands for the ocean?

    The letter C.

  • Why should every woman know a C++ programmer?

    Because they'll always let friends access their private members. Ba dum tiss.

  • What is the most fascist letter?

    Not C

  • What's the Pirates favorite letter?

    Ya think it be the Arrrr, but it's really the C.

  • What's a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet?

    Everyone thinks it's 'R', but his first love be the 'C'.

  • What be a pirate's favorite letter?

    Ayy, you think it be "r" but it really be the "c".

  • What is the pirate's favourite letter?


  • Why isn't Cindy spelled Sindie?

    Whoever caid C makes an S cound was ctupid.

  • What's the integral of 1/cabin with respect to cabin?

    Person 2: A log cabin! Person 1: No, a houseboat. You forgot to add the C!!

  • What did C: drive say to D: drive?

    Wow you looked shocked.

  • Why can't pirates finish the alphabet?

    because they get lost at C!

  • What do pirates have in common with photons?

    They both travel at c

  • Why can't a Pirate make it through their ABC's?

    They always get lost at C.

  • What did little John Cena say to his primary school teacher when she gave him his report card?

    You can't C me!

  • How do you spell candy with two letters?

    C and Y

  • How do you spell Canada in Canadian?

    C, eh! N, eh!, D, eh!

  • What does a computer say when it encounters a skunk?

    C: PU!

  • Why didn't Anna and Elsa's parents teach them the alphabet?

    Because they got lost at C.

  • Where's your cue?

    She said, "It's after the C."

  • Why are blind people bad at programming?

    Because they can't C

  • Why did the scuba diver drop out of graduate school?

    Because he was always below a C

  • Why is C afraid of every other letter in the alphabet?

    Because they are not Cs.

  • Who's there ! C's ! C's who ?

    C's the day !

  • Which of these three does not belong: (A) a lobster, (B) a flounder, or (C) a Korean man who has just been run over by a bus?

    The answer is (B) a flounder. The other two are crushedAsians.

  • Why did the blind man's alphabet soup only have 25 letters in it?

    Because he can't "C"

  • What is a pirates favorite letter?

    No, it's the C.

  • What's a pirate's favourite Roman numeral?

    You might think it's II, but his true love be the C.

  • How do you put a condom on a elephant?

    You take the c out of ice and the f out of weigh.

  • What is hairy on the outside, wet and fleshy on the inside, begins with C and ends with T, and has both a U and a N in it?


  • What is Poseidon's favourite shortcut?

    ctrl + C

  • What does Brown Santa say?

    Gifts only for little girls with A's, B's and C's because the other ones already have the D's."

  • What's a redditor who makes pirate jokes' favorite letters?

    It could be R and the C, but they definitely aren't OC.

  • Why is the letter 'c' afraid of the rest of the alphabet?

    Because all the other letters are not c's. *** *ba dum tss*

  • How do you spell Canda?


  • What's brown and furry on the outside, soft moist and tastes good on the inside, begins with "C" and ends with "T", and has a "U" and an "N" in it?

    A coconut.

  • What did C say to E?

    She wants the D.

  • Why isn't the speed of light Asian?

    Because it never gets better than a 'C'.

  • How do computers learn to read?

    C:/ Dos C:/ Dos Run Run Dos Run

  • What's your best Pirate Joke?

    What's a pirate's favorite letter? the C!

  • Why do C# and Java developers keep breaking their keyboards?

    Because they use a strongly typed language.

  • What is dark and hairy on the outside, soft and moist on the inside, starts with a C, ends with a T, and has a U and an N in it?

    A coconut

  • Why does it take pirates so long to learn the alphabet?

    They're stuck at C for years

  • What's furry on the outside.. Wet on the inside.. Starts with a C... Ends with a T... And has U & N in-between?

    A coconut!

  • What do you call a Med School student who graduates with all C's?

    A Doctor.

  • Which two letters on the keyboard are the furthest from each other?

    X and V. There's a C between them.

  • What is a pirate's favorite letter?

    is it "R"?) NAAAAAY!!! 'Tis the C

  • What's a pirates favourite letter?

    You may think it's "Arrr", but nay, his first love be the "C".

  • What is the integral of 1/cabin?

    B: "Log cabin!" A: "Nope, Houseboat. You forgot the C."

  • What's wet on the inside, hairy on the outside, starts with C and ends in T?


  • Why couldn't the pirate learn the alphabet?

    Because he was always lost at C!

  • What is a pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet...?

    Arrrrr?" Nope... you'd think so, but it'd be the "C."

  • What do you get when you mix T and C?

    Angry British people!

  • What starts with a 'C', contains the letters U, N, and T, is hairy on the outside, and soft on the inside?

    A coconut!

  • What's a pirate's favorite favorite letter?

    You'd think its R but it's actually the C

  • Why is C afraid of D?

    Because DEEZ NUTS!

  • What's a pirate's favorite programming language?

    You might think it's R, but his first love has always been the C.

  • What is Illinois known for?

    The three C's. Chicago, Corn, and Corruption.

  • How did Canada name their country?

    They picked random letters from a hat. C, eh N, eh D, eh

  • What's a pirate's favorite letter in the alphabet?

    ARRGGHH" (R) Your response = (in a pirate voice of course) "You'd think it'd be the ARRGGHH but it actually be the SEA!!! (C)

  • How did Canada get its name?

    They picked random letters out of a hat. C.... eh? N... eh? D....eh?

  • Why was "C" afraid of all the other letters ?

    They are all "Not-C's" !

  • Why is 'dark' spelled with a k and not with c?

    Because you can't see in the dark Badambum!

  • Why are blind people bad computer programmers?

    Because they can't C.