Candidate Jokes

  • What do the NBA and the presidential election have in common?

    There's only two candidates, and nobody wants either of them to win!

  • Why do you see so many Bernie Posts on r/all?

    Because supporters of other candidates are out working or voting.

  • Which candidate will most improve our country?

    2016 election: Which candidate is least likely to start The Purge

  • What did Bernie Sanders say when he found a dead body at a Democratic Party meeting to select candidates and decide policy?

    Oh god, a caucus!" cuz he has a new england accent

  • What's your strongest weakness?

    Candidate: ... *Realises stupid question & thinks of cover up M: It's a trick question. You're hired!

  • What's your strength?

    Candidate: I fall in love easily. Interviewer: What's your weakness? Candidate: Those blue eyes of yours.