Charmander Jokes

  • How do you get a Charmander and a Metapod on a train?

    You poke 'em on.

  • Why does pokemon have only one save file per game?

    I mean think about it, One for Charmander One for Squirtle and one for your second charmander. (found that but it's against rules to post links lol so I'll just leave that here for a good laugh)

  • What did the Squirtle say to the Charmander?

    X-post from /r/pokemon) Squirtle

  • What did the Bulbasaur say to the Charmander?


  • How do you get Squirtle, Charmander and Pikachu onto a bus?

    You pokemon.

  • Why did the 25 year old cross the street?

    To catch a charmander.

  • Why should you always bring charmander along when camping?

    Because he's the fire starter.