Chinese People Jokes

  • How often do Chinese people have elections?

    When they wake up every morning.

  • How do Chinese people name their babies?

    A: They throw them down the stairs to see what noise they make.

  • What is harder than telling the difference between Chinese people?

    Telling the difference between Chinese people with down syndrome.

  • How do chinese people name their childre n?

    They throw a toaster down the stairs.

  • What would happen if all Chinese people jumped off a chair, all at the same time?

    I don't know either, but you would need a reeeally big chair!

  • Why can't Chinese people have white babies?

    Because two wongs don't make a white.

  • How do chinese people laugh over the internet?

    Lmao Zedong

  • Why don't Chinese people roll 12lb balls down wooden lanes to knock over pins?

    Because to them it's boring.

  • Why can't two Chinese people make a white baby?

    Because two Wongs don't make a white

  • Why can't chinese people have phone directories?

    There are too many wongs and wings and someone could wing the wong number.

  • Why can't Chinese people tie their shoes?

    I would love to tell you, but I am afraid the answer is a little bit lacist.

  • How do Chinese people say "hello" in Spanish?


  • Why do Chinese people sound like lions when you tell them a joke?

    Because they ror.

  • Why do Chinese people love NY?

    Because they heard we sell hotdogs for $0.75 each.

  • What do chinese people do when they have an erection?

    they vote

  • Where do Chinese people find work?

    On ChinkedIn of course. (I know the pun is racist but I had to share. Sorry.)

  • How many Chinese people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    One, while the rest were kung fu fighting

  • How do Chinese people name their kids?

    They throw silverware down a flight of stairs....ting, tong, ping, ding

  • What do Chinese people call Chinese food?


  • Where do Chinese people live?


  • Why is it so difficult to call Chinese people?

    There's so many wings it's easy to wing the wong number.

  • What's the difference between racism and the chinese people?

    Racism has many faces...

  • Why cant you make fun of Chinese people?

    Because its just wong

  • What Journey song to Chinese people sing at funerals?

    Don't Stop Bereavin'

  • How do Chinese people know what to name their children?

    After the last dog they just ate.

  • How many Chinese people does it take to change a light bulb?

    Only one but he has to manufacture it first.

  • Whats the difference between chinese people and racism?

    Racism has many faces