Chinese Restaurant Jokes

  • What happens in a chinese restaurant when the power goes out?

    It'll dim sum

  • What did Obi-wan say to Luke at the Chinese restaurant?

    Use the fork, Luke.

  • What does a Chinese restaurant serve for Easter?

    Coloured eggrolls!

  • What happens when the lights go out in a Chinese restaurant?

    It'll Dimsum.

  • What did the baby order at the chinese restaurant?

    Goo goo gai pan!

  • What does a noise musician order at a Chinese restaurant?

    Peaking duck!

  • What's the only thing you can say when the Chinese Restaurant over booked your reservation?

    Welp. You dim sum, you lose some

  • What did the geologist say at the Chinese restaurant?

    May I have Eurasian plate?

  • What does Waka flocka order at a Chinese restaurant?


  • What type of music do they play at Chinese Restaurants ?

    Wok n' Roll