Clear Jokes

  • Who are the fastest readers on earth?

    9/11 victims.... They can clear 10 stories in 5 seconds.

  • What was the first reference to pole vaulting in the Bible?

    When Jesus cleared the temple.

  • What do you use to clear the air of stupid?

    A HERPA filter

  • What happens when the fog clears in California?


  • Why is he 50m from where he got shot?

    Our best guess was he tried crawling home to clear his browser history"

  • What did the hotel manager say to the elephant that couldn't pay his bill ?

    Pack your trunk and clear out !"

  • What does the Chinese Candy Crush Saga say..?

    Clear all the Jerry!

  • How do you clear a traffic jam at a banker convention?

    With a plunger.

  • What do you call the process of a robot clearing its artificial nose?

    An olfactory reset.

  • How do you clear out an Iraqi bingo parlour?

    Call out "B-52"

  • What did I say when my Neutrogena products worked?

    well I'm glad I've gotten that cleared up

  • What did the Shetland Pony say when asked if his cough had cleared up?

    Yes, thanks, but I'm still a little horse."

  • How do you clear out an Afghani bingo game..?

    Call B52!!

  • How do you clear out a veterans bingo hall?

    B 52.

  • Why did the lady at the bar slap the man next to her for stroking his mustache?

    Because in between stroking it, he said "hello, let me clear you off a place to sit."