Co Jokes

  • What did the pilot say to the co-pilot right before the UPS plane crash in Alabama?

    Too soon.

  • What did the Baskin-Robbins manager say to the employee that wanted to date a co-worker?

    Don't poop where you scoop.

  • What's Darth Vader's Favorite Mineral?


  • How are you?

    Co-worker: *Gives 20 minute dissertation on their gastro infection*

  • What's Whitney Houston's favourite type of co-ordination?

    HAND EYEEEEE..........

  • What's Whitney Houston's favorite type of co-ordination?


  • What's Whitney Houstons's favourite type of co-ordination?


  • What does a female snake use for support?

    A co-Bra!

  • What did the cannibal say to his co-worker?

    You should stop by later. The missus and I are having people for dinner.

  • What's Whitney Houstons favourite kind of co-ordination?

    Haaand eeeeeeyeeee

  • Why do women like Ryan Gosling?

    Because he is always Gosling around..... A co-worker snickered so I figued share.

  • What was Whitney Houston's favourite kind of co-ordination?

    Haaaaannnnndd eeeyyyyyyeeeeee

  • Who's the founder of the Japanese Wikipedia?

    Yojimbo Wales! (Joke stolen from co-worker)

  • What did the baker say about her co-worker who never sleeps and always smells funky?

    At yeast he's a fungi.