Fun Jokes

  • What do politicians do for fun?

    Rave at the party.

  • How to lose a gf: Gf: which of my friends would be the most fun to have a 3some with?

    Me: *names two of them*

  • Where do crows go to have fun?

    a crowbar!

  • What do you call it when you make fun of somebody else's gambling addiction?

    Slot shaming.

  • Why is the mushroom so happy ?

    Because he's a FUN-GUY :P

  • How did the raisin have fun at the movies?

    It took a date....

  • Why do blondes have more fun?

    They're easier to find in the dark.

  • Why cant you make fun of Chinese people?

    Because its just wong

  • What's the difference... between a (nationality, ethnicity, etc you want to make fun of) man and a large pizza?

    A large pizza can feed a family of four.

  • What do mathematicians read for fun?


  • What's the first rule here, boys?

    Kid:Don't poop your pants M:I was gonna say "have fun" but...OK.

  • Why are surveyors so much fun?

    Because most of them are party chiefs.

  • What kind of fun do priests have?


  • What did 18 Year olds in the Byzantine Empire do for fun?

    Nothing they were busy teens.

  • What do married people do for fun?

    Get divorced.

  • What does FUN stand for?

    Some nights, I don't know.

  • Why is camping so fun?

    It's in tents!

  • How do Russians in the taiga make fun of each other online?


  • What do frogs say?

    Times fun when you're having flies

  • Why do Jamaican chickens make fun of all the other chickens?

    Because they're jerks.

  • What do eggs do for fun?

    They crack jokes.

  • Why do androids go to Africa to party?

    Because Botswana have fun.

  • What did the boy say after the tailor made fun of him for not wearing pants?

    Hey, why don't you cut me some slacks?

  • What does an egg do for fun?

    Kari - YOKE - ee *Ha Ha Ha*

  • What's the most fun a monk can have?


  • Why not renew the bachelorette party?

    You'd probably have more fun.

  • What do you call a fruit that makes fun of someone?

    A banana-nana-nana Got it on a popsicle stick. Laughed for way too long.

  • How was your first day at school?

    Son: It was all right except for some man called "Teacher" who kept spoiling all our fun!

  • What kind of fun does a priest have?


  • Why are cripples always made fun of?

    because they can't stand up for themselves!

  • Why are horses no fun?

    Because they are neigh-sayers

  • Where do angles go for fun on the weekends?

    To watch movies in the THETA

  • What do you call a man with a spade on his head?

    Doug Got a set of tweezers as the toy as well. Hours of fun right there.

  • Why did the monster dye her hair yellow?

    To see if blondes have more fun.

  • What do you call a joke that makes fun of a woman, who has not consented to be made fun of?


  • Where do Robots go for fun?

    The Circuits! (this is a joke i made up when i was like 10, i don't think it ever caught on)

  • Which real-life dictator was the most fun?

    Napoleon BonaPARTAY!!!

  • Why is Lamar Odom so much fun...?

    Because, he's just dying to party.

  • What is the difference between a dead baby and a water melon?

    One's fun to hit with a sledge hammer, the other one's a water melon.

  • What does every funeral begin with?


  • Why are seals such homebodies?

    Because clubbing isn't any fun.

  • What are your best Sports Team jokes?

    With the NHL season getting started tonight. I am wondering what are you best jokes making fun off sports teams. All Sports (Baseball,hockey,football, soccer etc).

  • How do tectonic plates have fun?

    They meet up and crack each other up.

  • What do cows do for fun?

    They go to the moo-vies!

  • Why didn't kids make fun of argon in high school?

    They never got a reaction out of him.

  • What does the Lego man do for fun?

    He throws a block party.

  • Why is camping so much fun?

    It's intense!

  • What do turtles do for fun?

    Play hide and shell.

  • How does Planned Parenthood paint their walls?

    They go to Home Depot, get paint and rollers Sometimes they hire private contractors Lots of paint and tarps and tape, it's not that fun

  • What's the similarity between video games and roulette?

    Very fun until it goes Russian.

  • Why did everyone make fun of the economist's fetish?

    He was into inflation.

  • Who's bad at baseball but fun at parties?

    A pitcher filled with margaritas!

  • What do slinkies and the handicapped have in common?

    They are the most fun when pushed down a flight of stairs.

  • Why is it considered socially wrong to make fun of a crying 10-year old boy in Africa?

    Because it's normal to undergo a midlife crisis.

  • What do bulls do for fun?

    Play with others.

  • What do you call mail that likes to have fun?

    Outgoing mail.

  • How do you know you're always about to have fun in the company of an octopus?

    Because it's always ten-to-cool time...

  • What do you call it when you make fun of someone's gambling addiction?

    Slot shaming.

  • What do you call something that makes fun of people and can fly?

    A mocking bird!

  • Why is it difficult to make fun of the Large Hadron Collider?

    Because it's hard to discern.

  • Where do bots go for fun?