Party Jokes

  • Where do you party on a ship?

    Where the funnel be!

  • Why did Blacula get kicked out of a Yale Halloween party?

    The party was for "Wights only."

  • What did the carrot say when the last vegetable arrived at the party?


  • What did the egg say at the party?


  • Where Are You Going ?

    Me : Partying with Friends Pimple : Ok, I'm Also Coming then!!

  • How many extroverts does it take to change a lightbulb?

    Let's throw a party while we're at it.

  • What Do You Call it When Printers Have a Party?

    A paper jam

  • What do you call a party with 7 girls & 70 midgets?

    10 books of Snow Whites

  • What do fruit punch and a punch to the face have in common?

    Both can knock you out at a party.

  • What do you call a party thrown by a Terrorist at a bar on a hot day in Hawaii?


  • Why do ghosts get invited to parties?

    Because they always bring boos.

  • What are the two saddest words of the English Language?

    What party '

  • Why couldn't Miley Cyrus go to the party?

    She had to go t'work instead.

  • How do you know when a vegan gets to the party?

    Don't worry, they'll tell you.

  • What's the difference between Det. Rust Cohle and a psychopath?

    Psychopaths are fun at parties.

  • What do you call a mushroom that likes to party?

    A Fungi!

  • Why did the fork go to the party?

    It wanted to have a good tine.

  • Why did the mushroom get invited to the party?

    Because he was a fungi.

  • How does a solar system have a party?

    How does a solar system have a party? They planet

  • What do you call a party with 7 girls & 70 midgets?

    10 books of Snow Whites

  • What do vegetables say when they go to party's?


  • What do politicians do for fun?

    Rave at the party.

  • What does an egg say at a party?


  • What vegetable likes to party?

    A turn-up

  • What's the best vegetable to bring to a party?

    Stephen Hawking

  • What is a horses favourite kind of party?

    A stall ball.

  • Why did the mushroom go to the party?

    Because he was a fungi

  • How does NASA organise a party?

    They Planet.

  • What did the two gum diseases say to the one who had a party without them?

    Why di'n'ja 'vite us?

  • What did the yoga teacher say when someone asked if she wanted to leave the party early?


  • Why was ex so lonely at the party?

    Because every time he tried to integrate, he ended up with himself.

  • What did the hippie say when asked to leave the party?


  • What did the dog say to the other dog at the party?

    Raise the woof!

  • How do you end a party in a redneck trailer park?

    Flush the punch bowl

  • What do you call a party organized by a bunch of midgets?

    A little get together

  • Why do rpg characters like potions so much?

    Because they're always the life of the party!

  • Why was Mussolini never invited to parties?

    He was always fascistly late.

  • Where do Cows go for parties?

    The Moovies

  • What did the facial hair say when it had to leave the party?

    Sorry guys, moustache!"

  • Why is USA so gloomy?

    Because only two parties exist for the whole country

  • How do astronomers plan a party?

    they planet.

  • What happened to the ghost who went to a party?

    He had a wail of a time.

  • How did Jeffrey Dahmer make alphabet soup?

    With 26 characters he met at a party.

  • What is the difference between a GOOD and a BAD girl?

    What is the difference between a GOOD and a BAD girl? A GOOD girl goes to a party, goes home then goes to bed. A BAD girl goes to a party, goes to bed then goes home.

  • How do astronauts plan a party?

    They planet. (Plan-et)

  • How was the party last night?

    17: It was fun. The cops came. Me: What 17: Nah, it's cool. We got away. Me: That's my girl.

  • What did the cow say... What did the cow say when she jumped over the barbed wire fence?

    I'm udderly ruined!" credit: my grandma, at every party she's ever been to

  • When pigs have a party who jumps out of the cake?

    Nobody. The pigs all jump in.

  • What did the dog bring to party?


  • What does a German call a party without Sausage and Cheese?

    A Wurst-Kse Scenario

  • How do you throw a party in Nigeria?

    You stick a piece of bread to the ceiling

  • How do you spot the vegan at a party?

    They'll tell you.

  • How do you spot a vegan at a party?

    Don't worry, they'll let you know.

  • Why am I black and you're white?

    A boy asks his mom, Why am I black and you're white? She says, Don't even go there. The way that party went, you're lucky you don't bark

  • Why did Gigi leave the party angrily?

    Because she's Hadid.

  • Why are chickens never invited to the party?

    They are always party fowls.

  • What is a Ghosts' favorite type of party?

    A BOOkake party!

  • How do farmers party?

    They turnip the beets!

  • What do you call a party with no Filipino people?

    A no-Nguyen scenario.

  • How does our solar system organize a party?

    They Planet

  • How does NASA organize a party?

    They planet.

  • Why did the blonde bring a ladder to the party?

    I told her that drinks were on the house

  • How does Thor's brother like to party?

    He likes to keep it pretty Lo-key

  • What do you call a group of poor homeless people that show up to a party?

    Party paupers

  • What do you call 1,000 liberals at the bottom of the ocean?

    A good start! **an old joke that my dad used to tell at every party. You could replace "liberals" with pretty much anything.

  • Why should you always invite mushrooms to your parties?

    They're fun guys!

  • What does Chris Brown tell his friends when he sees Rihanna at a party?

    I hit that.

  • What can I bring to your party?

    Friend: A six pack. does 10 crunches cancels

  • Why'd the mushroom go to the party?

    Cause he's a fungi! Why'd the fungi leave the party Cause there wasn't mushroom!

  • What does a blueberry do at a party?

    The Anti-oxy-dance

  • Why did the dislocated finger leave the party?

    He felt really out of place.

  • What did the two story house say to its friend after it had just finished working out, and it's friend invited I to a party?

    I'm two tiered. I came up with this at 1am, enjoy.

  • What did the baby owl's parents say when he wanted to go to a party?

    You're not owld enough.

  • What did the bro say to the bro who couldn't make it to the party because he didn't have a car?

    Do you even Lyft

  • What's the best kind of vegetable to bring to a party?

    A turn up

  • Why did the Eskimos have to stop partying?

    because they ran out of Natural Light

  • What sort of dance do fish do at parties ?

    The conga !

  • How did the potato get back from the party?

    It booked a Tuber.

  • How do astronauts make a party?

    They planet.

  • What did the German small intestine say when you asked him if he would go to the party?

    Vill i

  • What did the dragon say as he entered the party?

    Hey, how are you *Alduin*

  • Where do all the funny people hang out at a party?

    In the punch line

  • What do you call a party with 100 midgets?

    A little get together.

  • Why didn't Thor like the party?

    It was too Loki.

  • What did the cannibal get when he showed up late to the party?

    A cold shoulder

  • How do you throw a party in space?

    You planet

  • Why don't you invite a Comcast worker to your party?

    Because nobody likes his company!

  • Why can't you have a party on the moon?

    There's just no atmosphere

  • What does a BYU coed do when she notices people are drinking at a party?

    She puts her top back on and leaves.

  • Why did the bachelors purchase double amputee strippers for their party?

    Because they were 50% off!

  • Why did the young ghost leave the party?

    Everyone started drinking boo's. Happy Halloween!

  • What do astronauts do to host a party?

    They planet.

  • Who did the ghost invite to his party?

    Anyone he could dig up.

  • What happened when Billy Mays's ghost floated into the rave?

    Everyone started partying like it was $19.99.

  • Why was the apricot late to the party?

    He got stuck in a jam.

  • When jokes go to parties, where do they wait for drinks?

    In the punchlines.

  • Why should you always invite Amish people to a party?

    They know how to raise the roof.

  • Why didn't the skeleton go to the party?

    Because it had nobody to go with.

  • What are your two favourite times to party?

    Daytime and night-time!

  • What do golfers do on nights out?


  • Why do walruses go to tupperware parties?

    They are always looking for a tight seal.

  • Why is Lamar Odom so much fun...?

    Because, he's just dying to party.

  • What did the mama frog say to the baby frog when they left for a party?

    You better amphi-BE-ON your best behavior."

  • Why did the skeleton go to the party alone?

    He had no body to go with him! baD-dumB-tssssJOKE

  • How does an Asgardian like his parties?


  • Why is Valentine's Day the best day for a celebration?

    Because you can really party hearty!

  • Where do David Cameron and his party meet?

    In the Conservatory!

  • How does the universe throw a party?

    They planet.

  • Why was the socialist kicked from his party?

    Because he was anti social.

  • Why did Mario always bring Toad to parties?

    Toad was a fungi.

  • What do you call a party of communists that haven't seen each other in years?

    Soviet Reunion Terrible and painful, I know.

  • Why does everyone love when a ghost goes to a party?

    Because he always brings the boos

  • How do you find the pilot at a party?

    He'll tell you.

  • What happens to the cannibal who is late to the party?

    He gets the cold shoulder.

  • What did the token black guy say to the other black guy who walks in the party?

    Hey man ! Who do you know here ? This is a Brothers only party !

  • Why should you never invite a boxer to a party?

    He always throws the punch.

  • Why did the elephant bring toilet paper to the party?

    He's a party pooper!

  • What does a suicidal person say while leaving a party?

    I want to hang by myself for a bit. Edit: Not suicidal. Just gallows humor.

  • Why did the Face of Bo go to the party by himself?

    Because he had no body to go with.

  • What happens when you don't serve drinks at a party?

    There's no punch line.

  • What do you call someone who doesn't know how to party?

    Illiterate (il-lit-erate)

  • How do you call a party with people who have epilepsy?

    Foam fest

  • Who's bad at baseball but fun at parties?

    A pitcher filled with margaritas!

  • Why do androids go to Africa to party?

    Because Botswana have fun.

  • Why did the skeleton leave the party?

    Because everyone was calling him a bone-head. (I was 6 when I came up with that).

  • What kinda vegetables like to party?

    Lettuce turnip da beet!

  • How does NASA plan a party..?

    They planet.

  • What did the older terrorist say to the younger terrorist before he headed out for a party?

    Go on, have a blast.

  • What did Reddit almost change their name to during the Victoria controversy?

    Blueit. -just thought of it, sorry its a little late to the party