Snow Jokes

  • Why does the NSA hate the winter?

    They got snowed in.

  • Why couldn't the NSA whistleblower leave Moscow?

    He got snowed in.

  • Why do Canadians say aboot?

    Because there is too much snow to wear shoes.

  • Why is Edward Snowden stuck in Russia?

    Because he's snowed-in

  • Why do you call the US government when a blizzard of secret information gets released?

    They're snowed-en!

  • What do you call a former CIA agent when a winter storm hits?


  • Why didn't the NSA agent cross the road?

    He was snowed in.

  • What do you call a business man that blocks snow?

    A cold wall banker.

  • Why do so many white people get lost skiing?

    It's hard to find them in the snow.

  • Why do Native Americans hate snow?

    Because it's white and settles on their land

  • What do Whitney Houston and Antarctica have in common?

    100% chance of snow

  • How are women like snow?

    They seem really cool at first but then you're sick of them after a couple days and no one wants to be driving when they're on the road

  • What did Helen Keller say when she fell into the snow?

    Nothing, she was wearing mittens.

  • How do you find white Canadian reggae musician Snow in the snow?

    You ask an informer

  • Why can't Russia extradite US top-secret whistle-blowers?

    Because they're Snowden (snowed-in). To all the folks on the East coast, stay safe and warm.

  • Why don't native Americans like snow?

    We don't like anything white on our land.

  • Why isn't Edward leaving Russia?

    because he's snowed in.

  • Why couldnt the NSA whistle blower leave russia?

    He was snowed in

  • How can you find Will Smith in the snow?

    Because he's black

  • Why did ygritte break up with Jon Snow?

    She didn't want six inches of snow all year long.

  • What does a corpse and snow have in common?

    They are both cold and are hilarious to throw at unsuspecting children.

  • Why did the snowman get fired from his job?

    He was a snow call, snow show.

  • Why couldn't the whistleblower leave his driveway?

    Because he was snowed in.

  • Why does salt melt snow?

    Because when your salty you melt down in tears.

  • Why did the Native American curse the snow?

    Because it was white and on his land!

  • How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

    You look for the fresh prints!

  • Why couldn't the NSA whistleblower leave Russia?

    He was snowed in.

  • Why wouldn't you teach a woman how to ski?

    Because there's no snow between the kitchen and the bedroom..

  • What do your sister and snow have in common?

    I plow both.

  • What do Eskimos get from sitting on the snow for too long?


  • Why has the ex-NSA contractor not left his house?

    He's snowed in.

  • What do you call a government official that can't leave an airport because of a blizzard?

    Edward Snowed In

  • Why did Snow White go to bed?

    She was feeling Sleepy.

  • Why can't women ski?

    there's no snow between the kitchen and the bedroom.

  • What did the NSA agent say when the blizzard hit?

    What did the NSA agent say when the blizzard hit? Looks like we're snowed in.

  • Why did the American spend an entire winter in a Russian hotel?

    They say he was snowed in.

  • What is snow?

    No one would say: It's doubtful an Eskimo would have Chionophobia, a fear of this.

  • Why was Justin Biber in Frozen?

    Cuz aparently he likes "snow".

  • How do you find hundreds of jokes about finding Will Smith in the snow?

    Type "fresh prints" in the "search reddit" box at the right.

  • Why Did The NSA Worker Have To Stay In Russia?

    He Was Snowed In(Snowden) )

  • What do you call a litter of puppies who've been out in the snow?

    Slush Puppies

  • How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

    Look for fresh prints.

  • What is the common trait between men and snow?

    You don't know how many centimeters you'll get, neither how long will it last.

  • Why shouldn't you get asylum in Russia?

    Cuz you'd be snowed-in

  • What is big and red and rolls over in the snow?

    Santa Claus hit in the balls!

  • Why couldn't the whistleblower pick up his dry-cleaning?

    Because he was Snowden! (Snowed in)

  • Why was Ygritte happy she didn't marry Jon snow?

    Because she didn't want six inches of snow all year long.

  • What do you say when it's snowing?

    Winter is coming.

  • What if Snow White just pretended to be asleep so she didn't have to clean up after little people anymore?

    Because that I totally get.

  • How do you call playing games while it snows heavily?

    Blizzard Entertainment.

  • What do you call a hacker who stays home when it snows outside?

    Edward Snowed-in!

  • Why did the US Informant get stuck in Russia?

    He was snowed-in.

  • Why didn't Edward get on the plane?

    Cause it was snowed-in.

  • How do you know when your BBQ is ready in Canada in April?

    The snow on top of it has melted.