Spanish Jokes

  • What do you call a Spanish man who has just got out of hospital?


  • What does a Spanish dog say at the marina?


  • How do you say Tony Romo in Spanish?

    Mark Sanchez.

  • What kind of dog should you get a spanish speaker?

    A spaniel.

  • How do you spell "nose" is Spanish?


  • What did the Spanish farmer say to his chickens?

    A: Oh-lay!

  • What is the most Spanish body part?


  • What's the number ten's favorite Spanish phrase?

    Diez mio!

  • Why did the spanish man's boat sink?


  • Why does the spanish dude keep walking left?

    Because izquierda going right.

  • What did the Spanish fireman call his two sons?

    Jose and Hoseb

  • Why was the Spanish train the primary suspect?

    It had locomotive. (I'm not sorry)

  • Why did the Spanish train aficionado blow up his trains?

    He had loco motives.

  • Why do Spanish tests take so long?

    Because of all the ese questions.

  • What do you call a Spanish man with erasers for toes?

    Roberto* What do you call a Spanish man with no car *Joaquin*

  • How do you convert Spanish programming into English?


  • What do you call a Spanish midget?

    A paragraph. Because he's not a full essay.

  • How many Spanish people does it take to change a light bulb?

    Just Juan.

  • What is a Spanish person without a car called?


  • Why did the English majors switch to Spanish?

    OC) Too many persuasive esses.

  • What do Spanish Canadians put on their tacos?

    Pork, eh

  • How do you say dinner in spanish?


  • What is the biggest plot twist in spanish soap operas?

    When Rodrigo finds out he is his own mother

  • What did the spanish soccer announcer invest in?


  • What did the Spanish Gorilla say at lunch time?

    Yo tengo Harambe.

  • How do you spell socks in Spanish?

    Eso si que es.

  • What are some really stupid jokes?

    One I know is this: Spanish teacher: Kids, what is the ellos/ellas form of the verb sacar Students: Sacan Spanish teacher: SACAN DEEZ NUTS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What does a Spanish speaking ghost say when they like you?

    Mi Ghosta!!

  • What language do British wrenches speech?


  • Why do Spanish men get half price movie tickets?

    They take the senor discount.

  • What's the most 'Spoken' language on Earth?

    Hint: It's not English Spanish.

  • What does a Spanish cow say?


  • What do u call a spanish man with a rubber toe?


  • What did the Spanish cannibals have for dinner?

    JOHN CENA!! I'm sorry.

  • How do Chinese people say "hello" in Spanish?


  • What did the spanish fireman name his 2 sons?

    Jose and Hose B

  • What did the Spanish musician say when he went fishing?


  • What sport is played in Spanish churches?

    La Cross

  • Why does the dyslexic Spanish speaker have a poor self image?

    His chemistry teacher told him he was mostly made of cabron.

  • What does a spanish programmer program in?


  • What's the Spanish equivalent of the devil's lettuce ?

    El Diablow

  • How do you say doormat in Spanish?


  • Why do they put half of the instructions in Spanish?

    It drives me crazy. I feel like I am missing out on important information. They should put the whole thing in one language.

  • What do you call a Spanish matador who is not very good at his job?

    I'd say he's fairly incapa .

  • What do you call a Spanish baker?

    A con-quiche-ador

  • Which Spanish superhero has three wives?


  • What did the thirsty Spanish pirate say?

    I need some arrrrrrrrrrrgua!

  • What's the similarity between a spanish prison and Leonardo DiCaprio?

    Now, both have an oscar.

  • What do you call it when a Spanish man goes to court for custody of his children?

    Fight for your right to padre

  • What do you call a group of confused Spanish speaking racists?

    The Qu Qu Qu?

  • Why shouldn't Spanish women smoke cigarettes?

    You shouldn't smoke if your pregnant.

  • What did the Spanish firefighter name his twin sons?

    Jose and Hose B

  • What did the Spanish guidance counselor tell his students?

    You have to have gooooooaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllssssssssss!!!!!

  • What is the best spanish joke you've ever heard?

    I couldnt find the spanish section of reddit

  • What happens to a girl with anxiety when she sees a Spanish person?

    She has a hispanic attack

  • What do you call s'mores in Spanish?


  • How do you say unicorn in Spanish?


  • What did the spanish teacher say to his one student, who was a member of the cartel?

    Where is my essay?

  • What do you call a little spanish girl that searches for Redditors?

    Fedora the explorer.

  • How do you pick up older Spanish women?

    Hola Seniority

  • What do you call four drowning spanish teachers?

    Cuatro sinko. )

  • How do you say goodbye to two people in Spanish?


  • What do you call a spanish child molester?

    A pdrophile

  • What is it called when a spanish man has 10 testicles?

    Diez nuts!

  • What do you call an old Spanish car?


  • What do you call a little pepper in Spanish?

    A jalapequeno

  • What do you call an ugly Spanish chemist?

    Iron Oxide

  • How do you spell "Pringles" in Spanish?


  • How many times should you check whether a sentence is written in English or Spanish?


  • What different about an American Christmas from a Spanish one?


  • Why do Spanish beaches have a lot of women?

    Cos they're playas.

  • What do you call a Spanish man with a rubber toe?


  • What do you call a bird that speaks Spanish?

    A Si-gull

  • What do you call a group of Spanish-speaking moms who band together to protect their neighborhood?

    Super Barrio Mothers

  • What did the guy with 6 children say to the guy with six felonies?

    I don't know they were speaking Spanish.

  • What do you call a banana you want tomorrow in spanish?