Sun Jokes

  • Why are girls so hot?

    because they lay out in the sun so much lol :P

  • How many times can look at the sun with a telescope?

    You can do this twice. One time with you right eye and one with your left!

  • How do you stop ISIS?

    Leave some milk in the sun for a few days.

  • How does the sun cut his hair?

    Eclipse it.

  • Why don't black people lay in the sun?

    because it's 92.96 million miles away.

  • Why does frost not like to lay out in the sun?

    It burns too easily

  • Why did the sun go to school?

    To get brighter!

  • What's the difference between a tropical beach and a priest?

    One gets sun on your skin and the other gets skin on your son.

  • What happens when the Sun and the Moon get together?

    They turn out the lights.

  • How long does it take light to travel from the sun to the earth?

    Not nearly as long as it would take to travel around your mom.

  • Why couldn't the dyslexic plantation owner get anything done?

    Gingers just don't last in the sun.

  • Who do people hate and love but is really hot and goes to beach everyday?

    Sun of a beach

  • What do you do with a green monster?

    Put it in the sun until it ripens!

  • What do you call an orange thats been in the sun too long?


  • What did the sun god say in apology for all he had done wrong?

    I Apollogize".

  • How does the Moon cut the Sun's hair?

    He eclipse it.

  • Why does the sun set at night?

    The moon scares the daylights out of it!

  • What is the difference between someone who worships God & someone who worships the sun?

    The sun exists.

  • How many fams does it take to get the sky lit?

    Just one sun

  • What do you call a bike in NYC that has been standing out in the sun for hours?


  • What did the hipster astronaut say when his space mission arrived at the Sun?

    Not cool.

  • Why doesn't the sun need to go to University?

    He's too bright.

  • What flower loves to be in the sun?


  • Why does no work ever get done on the Sun?

    Because it's always a Sun day

  • Whats the difference between Australia and a yoghurt?

    Leave a yoghurt out in the sun for 300 years and it'll develop a culture

  • What did the sunbathing mother say to Michael Jackson as he walked by on the beach?

    Would you please move You're in my sun.

  • What color is the sun?

    ampnbsp Yellow.

  • Who satisfies earth the most?

    Sun. Because the sun goes down every night.

  • What do you call someone who reads in the sun?

    Well Red.

  • How are you related to the sun?

    Because your teeth are the same colour as it.

  • Which one is closer, Sun or Africa?

    Teacher: Which one is closer, Sun or Africa Johnny: Sun Teacher: Why Johnny: We can see the sun all the time, but can't see Africa.

  • Why can we never actually see the sun?

    Because it's in da-skies!

  • What's Irish and lies around in the sun all day?

    Patty O'Furniture.

  • What happens when the sun goes down?

    It gets dark.

  • What do the South and the Sun have in common?

    They Both Shall Rise Again!

  • What does the window do when the sun shines on it?

    It gets Blinded I excuse myself out.

  • Why can't the sun talk?

    First post) It doesn't have an ellipse.

  • Why didn't the sun have to attend university?

    It's already got thousands of degrees.

  • What is the Sun's favorite type of music?


  • What gets less rain than the Sahara Desert?

    The sun!

  • Why was the Sun mad at all the clouds?

    Because they kept throwin shade

  • What do you call an orang-utan which has been in the sun for too long?

    An OranguTAN!

  • What is the Sun's favorite candy?

    Starburst! Another one from my 9 year old. I don't know where he gets it.

  • How did the Mother Banana spoil the Baby Banana?

    She left him out in the sun too long.

  • How did the sun die?

    It went to Detroit.

  • What's the opposite of the Sun?

    The Guardian.

  • What did Earth say to the Sun?

    My life revolves around you!

  • Why does the sun never set on the British Empire?

    Because God wouldn't trust an Englishman in the dark!

  • What's it called when a planet orbits its sun 8 times?

    An orbyte

  • Why did the moon marry the sun?

    Because the sun is hott.

  • Why didn't the sun go to college?

    It already had 10 thousand degrees.

  • What do you call a chocolate Easter bunny that was out in the sun too long?

    A runny bunny.

  • How do you turn a duck into a blues singer?

    Leave it out in the sun until its Bill Withers

  • What did the ancient Egyptian cheerleader chant?


  • How do you get ready for a trip around the Sun?


  • How did the astronaut land on the sun?

    He went at night.

  • What happens when you get too much sun exposure in Switzerland?

    You get a sun *Bern.*

  • What did the sun say after melting Frosty the Snowman?

    I came, I thaw, I conquered .