Antarctica Jokes

  • What pokemon would you catch in Antarctica?


  • Why do terrorists in Antarctica love being interrogated?

    Snow boarding is fun as hell.

  • Who Self Harms In The Antarctica?

    An eskemo.....

  • What do Whitney Houston and Antarctica have in common?

    100% chance of snow

  • What do you call a hippo in Antarctica?

    LOST!! (I'll show myself out now)

  • What does a terrorist in Antarctica say?

    Allahu Akburrrrrr

  • What is Antarctica's version of tinder called?

    Pick up a penguin

  • What is the drunkest animal in Antarctica?

    A Pengwine. That's a /u/amanescape original. I can show myself out.

  • How do dragons in Antarctica stay warm?

    They always have several lairs.

  • Why is Antarctica controversial?

    It's a polarizing topic.

  • Why are there no bears in Antarctica?


  • How do you tell the time in Antarctica?

    A:I don't know,Alaska guy and tell you

  • What do you call an emotionally unstable animal who lives in alaska and vacations in antarctica?


  • What would you call the Islamic State if they tried to take over Antarctica?

    Ice-is I'll show myself out.