Cheeseburger Jokes

  • Why does the house only have one window?

    Cheeseburger (joke from my 3 year old neice this evening)

  • Which cheeseburger makes a big hit in baseball?

    A double!

  • Why do Rednecks love cheeseburgers?

    Because they are in bread.

  • Why did the cheeseburger fight the veggie burger?

    It had beef.

  • What did the cheeseburger name her daughter?


  • How many cow-lories does a cheeseburger have?

    Moo many...

  • What do some people have against cheeseburgers?

    They say 'Burgers can't be cheesy!'

  • How do you make a cheeseburger sad?

    Make it with blue cheese!

  • What's the difference between a cheeesburger and Reddit gold?

    A cheeseburger can't feed your ego.