Aids Jokes

  • What did the little boy say to the priest?

    Haha, now we have AIDS

  • What do you call someone with herpes, AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea?

    An incurable romantic.

  • What's the worst part about getting AIDS?

    Having to tell your friend his kids should get tested.

  • What's the name of the virus that causes AIDS?

    Are you positive

  • What do you get if you insert human DNA into a monkey?

    AIDS for humanity

  • What do you get if you share your Earbuds with all your friends?

    Hearing AIDS.

  • What did the little boy with cancer get for Christmas?


  • What is the difference between Courtney Love and a porcupine?

    A porcupines needle won't give you AIDS

  • How did the tugboat get AIDS?

    It was rear-ended by a ferry.

  • What does a Drake fan with AIDS get tattooed on his back?

    If you're reading this it's too late.

  • What's the best thing about AIDS?

    You're always positive

  • Why is AIDS cooler than Forrest Gump?

    Because AIDS gets the girl

  • What turns a fruit into a vegetable?


  • What do you call an STD that is contracted in your ear?

    Hearing AIDS

  • What's the gift that keeps on giving?


  • What is the difference between a poker card and Africa?

    The sooner is the Ace of Spades and the latter, a Space of AIDS.

  • Whats the worst thing about being dyslexic and having ADHD?

    You think you've got AIDS

  • What's worse than AIDS?


  • What is the hardest part about your wife telling you she has AIDS?

    Acting surprised.