Cab Driver Jokes

  • Why did the cab driver get a divorce?

    Because he had a fare.

  • What does a cab driver have in common with a pool cue ball?

    The harder you hit them, the more english you get out.

  • What did the cab driver say when the black man got into his cab?

    Where to sir?

  • Whats a cab drivers favorite song?

    Livin' on a fare!

  • Why was the cab driver contemplating his life?

    Because he had nothing to chauffeur.

  • What do you call a cab driver who lost his brakes?

    A screwdriver

  • What's the difference between cab drivers and F1 drivers?

    F1 driver doesn't think he's a cab driver

  • What do a cab driver and a cue ball have in common?

    The harder you hit them ...the more english you get out.

  • Why did the cab driver did not get time for his family?

    Because he was Uber busy.