Brown Jokes

  • What's your ringtone?

    That's nice. Mine's a light shade of brown.

  • What brown, steams, and can be found under a piano stool?

    Beethoven's last movement.

  • What do you call a white black person?

    Brown recluse.

  • What does a Browns fan say to a robber?

    I hate the steelers.

  • What is Brown and rhymes with Snoop?

    Dr. Dre, of course.

  • What snooker and women have in common?

    When pink is blocked by red, you hit the brown.

  • What's brown & rhymes with Snoop?

    Dr. Dre.

  • How do you cook toilet paper?

    You brown it on one side

  • How do you call a blond who has colored her hair to brown?

    Artificial intelligence!

  • How do you call a blond who changed her hair color to brown?

    Artificial Intelligence!

  • Whats Brown and Sticky?

    Mohammed Ali opening a can of coke.

  • Why did the snooker player go to the toilet?

    To pot the brown.

  • What's your ring tone?

    Pinkish with a bit of brown.