Aim Jokes

  • Why are stormtroopers so bad at aiming?

    Because they're playing on console.

  • Why is Shakespeare bad at hunting?

    because he can't aim steadily

  • What's the difference between a chestnut and a walnut?

    Your aim.

  • What's the best part about golf?

    It's the only activity where you actually aim for the hole under 18 and you don't go to jail.

  • Why do I support extreme racist political parties?

    Because their aims are white up my street

  • What was the last thing that went through the Sandy Hook child's mind?

    A bullet. I apologize if that joke was aimed for a younger audience. I love Sandy Hook jokes, they never get old. Just like those children.

  • Why do elephants squirt water through their noses?

    If they squirted it through their tails it'd be very difficult to aim.

  • What's the safest place to be during a North Korean missile strike?

    A: The place they are aiming at.

  • Why do gangsters turn their guns to the side?

    So their hats are right side up when they go to aim.

  • What does a terrorist tell hes son?

    Aim to the sky, maybe you'll shoot a plane.

  • Why do hunters close one eye when they aim?

    Because they can't see if they close both.

  • What does the commander say to the firing squad when they go camping?

    Ready, aim, make the FIRE!

  • Where have you learned aiming?

    Response: In programming course.