Blizzard Jokes

  • Why couldn't the NSA do anything after the blizzard?

    Because they were Snowden.

  • What's the coldest type of reptile?


  • What did the NSA say to Russia after the blizzard?

    We're Snowden!

  • What do you call a government official that can't leave an airport because of a blizzard?

    Edward Snowed In

  • What do you call a Canadian in a blizzard?


  • How do you find will smith in a blizzard?

    Look for fresh prince

  • How are blizzards and men alike?

    You don't know when they're coming, you don't know how many inches you'll get, and you don't know long they'll last

  • What is Blizzard going to call StarCraft 5?


  • What did the NSA agent say when the blizzard hit?

    What did the NSA agent say when the blizzard hit? Looks like we're snowed in.

  • What did the whistleblower say after the blizzard in Russia?

    I'm Snowden!

  • What did Blizzard do on Warcraft's opening night?

    Farm gold in China.

  • What do you get when you cross a whistle with a blizzard?

    Edward Snowed-in

  • What do you call a whistleblower stuck in a blizzard?


  • Why do you call the US government when a blizzard of secret information gets released?

    They're snowed-en!