Cantaloupe Jokes

  • Why did the melons plan a big wedding?

    Because they cantaloupe!

  • Why did the melon have commitment issues?

    Because he cantaloupe

  • Why did the melon plan a big elaborate wedding?

    Because he cantaloupe.

  • What do Romeo and Juliet have in common with melons?

    They both cantaloupe.

  • Why won't the honeydew marry the watermelon?

    Because they cantaloupe..

  • Why do melons tend to have large weddings?

    They cantaloupe

  • Why would two melons in love hate their parents?

    Because they cantaloupe. =D.....=).....=='(

  • What kind of fruit isn't allowed to get married?

    A cantaloupe.

  • Why is it so important to fruits to get married?

    Because they cantaloupe.

  • Who's there ! Cantaloupe ! Cantaloupe who ?

    Cantaloupe with you tonight !

  • What do you call two fruits that can't get married?


  • Why were the 2 in love melons upset?

    Because they cantaloupe. (The wife thought of this one... hopefully nobody else has posted it)

  • What do you call a pessimistic melon?

    A cantaloupe

  • Why did the fruits take out a $30,000 loan for their wedding?

    Because they cantaloupe.

  • Why do melons always have traditional weddings?

    They cantaloupe.

  • Why was the fruit really upset he had to get married in a big church?

    oc Because he cantaloupe.

  • Why couldn't the watermelon get married in Vegas?

    Because his fiancee is a cantaloupe!

  • What do you call a fruit that won't get married?

    A Cantaloupe.

  • What is Romeo and Juliet's favorite fruit?


  • What is a virgin's least favorite fruit?


  • Whats the only fruit that can't run away to get married??

    A Cantaloupe.

  • What is Romeo and Juliets least favorite fruit?


  • Why didn't the melons get married?

    Because they cantaloupe...

  • Why did the couple bring a melon to their honeymoon?

    Because they cantaloupe...

  • What do you call a melon with overbearing parents?

    cantaloupe )

  • Why couldn't the man marry the melon?

    It was a cantaloupe.

  • Why do melons insist on having big weddings?

    Because they just cantaloupe.

  • Why didn't the melons get married in Vegas?

    Because they cantaloupe. This joke was brought to you by Dads inc.

  • Why can't melons have shotgun weddings?

    They cantaloupe

  • Why were the melons upset when they were denied a marriage license?

    Because it means they *cantaloupe*

  • What did the runaway melon say to the honeydew on Valentine's Day?

    I cantaloupe.

  • What do you call a sterile fruit?

    A cantaloupe.

  • What type of melon would Romeo and Juliet have been?


  • What's a nun's favorite fruit?


  • What did Mr & Mrs Rockmelon say to their daughter when she wanted to run off with Johnny Watermelon?

    A: But you cantaloupe!

  • Why do mushmelons always have traditional marriages?

    Because they cantaloupe.

  • What did the melon say to the banana when it proposed?

    Yes! But we cantaloupe.

  • Why don't melons marry on a whim?

    They cantaloupe.

  • What did the overbearing mother melon say to her son and his girlfriend?

    You Cantaloupe.

  • Where did the cantaloupe take his vacation?

    John Cougar's Melon Camp

  • What did the melon tell her boyfriend when he proposed?

    Yes but we cantaloupe.

  • Why can't watermelons get married?

    Because they cantaloupe!

  • What's Queen Elsa's favorite fruit?


  • What type of fruit is impossible to marry?


  • What do you get when you cross a sheltie and a cantaloupe?

    A melon collie.

  • Why did the melon insist on having a big wedding?

    Because it cantaloupe.

  • What fruit had to have an announced wedding at home?


  • Where did the cantaloupe go for summer vacation?

    John Cougar Mellencamp

  • What type of fruit is not allowed to get married?


  • What did the pastor say when informing two fruits that they couldn't marry?

    No, you cantaloupe.

  • Why do the melons have to have a traditional marriage ceremony?

    Because they cantaloupe.

  • What is a bachelor's favorite fruit?


  • What do you call a melon that will be single forever?


  • Why did the watermelon and the honeydew decide to cancel their spontaneous wedding in Las Vegas?

    They realized with a family like theirs, they really Cantaloupe.

  • Why can't the two melons get married?

    I don't know but they cantaloupe.

  • Why do honeydew melons have to get married in a formal ceremony?

    Because they cantaloupe.

  • Why did the melon get married in a church?

    Because he was in love with a cantaloupe.

  • Why doesn't the melon get married?

    Because it cantaloupe.

  • What did the one melon say to the other melon?

    We're too young to marry. We cantaloupe.

  • Why couldn't the two melons go to Las Vegas for their wedding?

    Because they're cantaloupes.

  • What is someone who just got left at the alters least favorite fruit?


  • Why don't melons ever run away and get married?

    Because they cantaloupe!

  • What did the watermelon say to the honeydew?

    I'm sorry baby, we just cantaloupe."

  • What do you call a cantaloupe who can't elope?

    A cantaloupe. The spelling is completely different...

  • Why are melons so lonely?

    Because they cantaloupe

  • What kind of melons always have big weddings?


  • Why do melons have traditional marriages?

    Because they cantaloupe

  • What do you can a pessimistic antelope?

    A cantaloupe

  • Why do melons always have church weddings?

    Because they cantaloupe.