Store Jokes

  • How long did it take the fish to go to the store?

    salmon or eight minutes.

  • What do you call a store that sells terribly made Nun appeal?

    The Bad Habit.

  • What is the last step in manufacturing Tickle-Me-Elmo's before packaging and shipping to stores?

    Give it two test-tickles.

  • What is the difference between batman and a black guy?

    Batman can walk into a store without Robin

  • Where do you store a werewolf?

    In a were-house

  • What's the difference between batman and Blackman?

    Batman can go to the store without robin Edit: glad you'll liked it :-)

  • What I say: "Does anyone need anything from the store?

    What I mean: "I'm off to smoke a bowl in my car so I can deal with all of you."

  • Why do the cops monitor the store that sells upper-case letters for computers?

    It's a shifty business.

  • Where do stoner cars store their weed?

    In potholes.

  • What's the difference between batman and a blackman?

    Batman can go to the store with out robin.

  • Why should you never use r/television 's fridge to store mutton?

    It always spoils the GoT.

  • Why is the middle east the best place to open a store at the moment?

    Because business is booming.

  • How do druggies store their data?

    LSD Cards.

  • Where do geneticists store vegetables?

    In the CRISPR drawer

  • What file does a Knight store his music on?

    A **MIDI**-val file.

  • Where do pirates store their files?

    On their RRRRRRR drive.

  • Why is the Adults only store open 24hrs?

    Because get off at different times.

  • Why was the wall in a store?

    Because it's wal-mart.

  • Where did L Ron Hubbard store his dishes?

    In the L Ron cupboard.

  • What type of store doesn't move?

    A stationary store.

  • Where did Chappelle store all his Rick James outfits?

    Unit E

  • Where's the best place to store ice cream cones?


  • What store does Governor Ratcliffe go to buy his video games?


  • Why did Snoop Dogg go to the store before he sculpted his statue?

    Fo' chisel.

  • What do you call it when you go to the store just to use their dumbbells and then leave?


  • Where do bears store their military weapons?

    In bearracks.

  • What's the difference between a black man and Batman?

    Batman can go inside a store without Robin

  • How does a blond cross the road?

    A brunette is on a busy street across from a department store she needs to visit, and is looking for an intersection to cross over when she spots a blonde walking out of the store. The brunette waves and calls out over the traffic noise, "hey there! How do I get to the other side?" The blonde looks confused and calls back, "you ARE on the other side!"

  • Why does Meek Mill avoid shopping on Black Friday?

    Because the stores advertise "Back to Back" savings.

  • How does Big Boss store his photos?

    On a Solid Snake Drive 120 gb sorry :

  • Where do terrorists store their money?

    In the West Bank

  • Where does a Mexican store his food?


  • What's the difference between a loaf of bread and a penguin?

    I don't know what " "We're sure not sending you to the store!"

  • What's the difference between batman and a black person?

    Batman can go to the store without robin'

  • Whats the difference between a black man and Batman?

    Batman can go to a store without robin.

  • What do you call a small dog that can store food?


  • Where do American bees store their honey?

    In a USBee hive. Thank my ten year old for that one.

  • How do you keep your dog young for longer?

    Terrible OC Keep them stored in some quality... pupperware!

  • How is Batman different from a black man?

    Batman can go in a store without Robin.

  • When is the best time to go shopping?

    When the stores are open.

  • Why did the Eagle go to store to buy some Rogaine?

    To cover up his bald spot.

  • What is a store for dogs called?

    A Superbarket

  • Whats the difference between Batman and a Blackman?

    Batman can go into a store without robin....

  • What do people store their fondest memories in?

    A nostaljar.

  • Why do hipsters only buy games from GOG?

    Because other stores are too mainSteam.

  • What's in common between Batman and a black guy?

    They can't go into a store without Robin

  • Why did the man steal mushrooms from the store?

    Because he had no .

  • How can you tell the difference between a catholic, a baptist, and a Methodist?

    A baptist will run into a liquor store, buy their alcohol and run out. A Methodist will walk into a liquor store and say high to everyone, then buy their alcohol and walk out. A catholic will show up to the store completely hammered, hug everyone, get their alcohol and stumble their way out of the store.

  • What does the customer say to the worker as he leaves the store after buying a discounted item?

    Good buy.

  • When can you store food in a door?

    When it's ajar.

  • Where do you store your wine?

    In the cabernet

  • Why did Olly call the manager for help, outside the store?

    For the watch..

  • What does an asylum have in common with a squirrel's house?

    They're both used to store nuts.

  • Where does Noah store his bees?

    The ark-hives.

  • Why are Austalian grocery stores the best?

    Because of their Koala Tea

  • What do my dad and Carly Rae Jepsen have in common?

    They both said they were just going to the store