Prefer Jokes

  • What do you prefer, honey?

    A smart woman or a beautiful woman -Neither sweetie, you know I only have eyes for you

  • Why do elephants prefer peanuts to caviar?

    Because they're easier to get at the ballpark.

  • Why do waiters prefer elephants to flies?

    Have you ever heard anyone complaining of a elephant in their soup .

  • What music do cats prefer?


  • Why do Asians prefer Sony?

    Because it's a stereo type

  • Why do girls prefer to drive auto cars, instead of manual?

    Because they want the D.

  • What kind of body do you want to have?

    ME: *leans in close* I'd prefer human

  • Why do rabbits prefer IPA's over other kinds of beers?

    Because they use extra hops

  • Why don't vikings send e-mails?

    They prefer to use Norse code.

  • Why don't English teachers like parole?

    They prefer complete sentences.

  • Why women prefer devils instead of angels?

    Because devils are horny.

  • What famous hotel chain do muslims prefer when travelling on religious holidays?


  • Why do women prefer old gynecologists?

    Their shaky hands!

  • What kind of eggs do Canadians prefer?

    Grade eh

  • How many bros does it take to change a light bulb?

    None. They prefer Natural Light.

  • Why do Canadians prefer their jokes in hexadecimal?

    Because 7 8 9 A.

  • How many bros does it take to change a light bulb?

    None. They prefer Natural Light.

  • Which composer do lumberjacks prefer to listen to?


  • What salad dressing does Macaulay Culkin prefer?

    Neverland Ranch.

  • Why do pirates prefer black women?

    They love booty.

  • Why do mathematicians dislike cloth rugs?

    They prefer fur mats.

  • How many isolationists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    None, they prefer to live in the dark.

  • Which is better a stool or a box to stand on?

    You stand on a stool, though I prefer the ladder

  • What's Alex's (from 'A Clockwork Orange') preferred type of light?


  • What do you call someone who strictly prefers white rice over brown rice?

    A goddamn riceist

  • Why do black cats never shave ?

    Because 8 out of 10 cats prefer whiskas !

  • Why do elephants prefer cars instead of motorcycles?

    motorcycles don't have trunks

  • Why do Canadians prefer their jokes in hexidecimal?

    Because 7 8 9 A

  • What style of art was preferred by the Third Reich?


  • When you guys describe me to your families do you use the word tigress?

    I'd prefer if you included tigress

  • How many frat boys does it take to change a light bulb?

    None, they prefer natural light

  • Why do old people prefer to live in one story houses?

    There close to the ground.

  • What kind of dog do IT people prefer?

    A Dobie

  • What gas do snails prefer?


  • What movie aspect ratio do cats prefer?


  • What flavor gum does the President prefer?

    Governmint Ill walk myself to the nearest border

  • Why do people prefer shooting stars to vegetables?

    Because they're meteor

  • What sort of perfume do snakes prefer ?

    Poison by Christian Dior !

  • How does Sherlock prefer his tea?

    Steeped in mystery!

  • What do you prefer, flat or sparkling?

    Him: Water Me: No, my personality.

  • What is the most popular hacking tool preferred by hackers in Bangladesh?


  • Why don't they have bars in Syria?

    Because, they prefer to get bombed at home.

  • Why do hipsters prefer to drink their PBR warm?

    So that they can say they liked it before it was cool.

  • When lesbians get married, which one makes the sandwiches?

    Neither! Everyone knows they prefer hot pockets

  • What do you call a pig sitting on a hog?

    Usually they prefer to be called "officer"

  • What's the difference between Jared from Subway's gut and his junk?

    He prefers his gut when it's down 45 pounds, and his junk when it's up 45 pounds.

  • Why did the sweet scented man called Paul change his name to Saul?

    He liked the P, but preferred the essence the change.

  • Why do cowboys prefer wienie dogs?

    So they can get a long little doggie.

  • Why do men prefer blondes?

    Men always like intellectual company

  • Which do Catholic priests like betterapples or cherries?

    Neitherthey prefer boysenberries.

  • What type of fruit do twins prefer?


  • Why don't cats like online shopping?

    They prefer a cat-alogue.

  • Why do buzzards prefer to fly?

    Because they really like their carry-on..... yeah total dad joke, i know.

  • Why do blondes prefer the pill instead the condom?

    Because it's waaay easier to swallow

  • When you go for a bus ride do you like sitting upstairs or downstairs?

    I prefer to ride on top but it's very hard getting the horse up the stairs.

  • Why don't mathematicians have degrees?

    They prefer radians.

  • How do you think the whole Deflategate situation feels to Tom Brady now?

    Probably doesn't feel how he prefers it to...

  • How do IT technicians prefer to be paid?

    Cache in hand.

  • What does a Pirate prefer to wear?

    Doublet or nothing.

  • What's an owl's favorite rock band?

    Owls personally prefer the track list of Rock Band 2. Just a solid game.

  • Why do 9 out of 10 bear moms prefer minivans over sedans?

    All the extra cubholders.

  • What flavor gum does a scientist prefer?

    Exspearamint. inspired by the presidential gum joke.

  • Why do slovaks don't like Czechs?

    They prefer cash.

  • Which anti-virus software do pirates prefer?

    Avast, ye scurvy dogs!

  • Which Shampoo They Preferred?

    The Top Answers Was: Get The Hell Out Of My Bathroom!

  • When you ask me a question, would you prefer the blank stare or the eye roll as a response?

    I like to be prepared.

  • Why don't terrorists shop at Walmart?

    They prefer a Target.

  • Why do athletes prefer nuns to time their laps?

    Because when a nun times anything it's zero. (0*n=0) :D

  • How do tennis players prefer their steak?

    Wimbledon and nicely served.

  • What two letters of the alphabet do snowmen prefer ?

    I.C. !

  • Why does Gandalf prefer coupes?

    Because other cars have Mordor.

  • What kind of donuts did Bob Marley prefer?

    The ones with Jam in

  • What kinds of vegetables did Ghandi prefer?

    Peace and carrots... Thought this up at work today. I'm sure it's been done before but it made me chuckle...

  • Why do ladies prefer 77 over 69?

    Because it's eight more.

  • How does the modern-day James Bond prefer his women?

    Shaven, not furred

  • What clothing designer do vampires prefer to wear?

    Alexander Fang

  • What kind of cake does a baseball player prefer?

    A bundt cake!

  • Why do differentiating mathematicians prefer Manhattans to Mojitos?

    Ryes over rum.

  • What do a baby and a martini have in common?

    I prefer both of them shaken

  • Why do Muslim extremists prefer to drink cappuccino?

    Because they hate french press.

  • What does a stripper and a Subway sandwich maker have in common?

    They both prefer to be called "artists" instead of what they really are.

  • What is the preferred drink for people in St. Cloud?

    Mini Soda

  • What shampoo do dragons prefer?

    Head & Smolders

  • Why doesn't Sean Connery have any grown up children?

    He prefers them shaken, not stirred.

  • Why do women prefer 77 more than 69?

    Because they get 8 (ate) more. Repurposed from a comment.

  • How does ISIL prefer their eggs?

    Sunni side up at first. But they always end up scrambled.

  • What kind of jean's do Mario prefer?

    Denim Denim Denim.

  • Why does ACDC prefer Android to Apple?

    She's Got The Jack

  • Why did the witch get a car with manual transmission?

    Because she prefers to drive stick!